Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Why are fast food workers so rude?!

The next time you go to fast food restaurant take a minute to put yourself in the fast food workers’ shoes.

·         90% of the customers are treating you like you are a worthless piece of nothing every single day.

·         Almost every day you are verbally or even physically abused.

·         In the event of a fight breaking out between customers, the police probably won’t show up, and if they do the culprits will already be gone. If you are a fast food manager it is your job to protect the other customers and other staff, which means you have to attempt to break up the fight. You’ve not only been hit yourself while doing this, but you have also been covered in other people’s blood.

·         The company doesn’t recognise you as an individual or for that matter a human being. They don’t care that you have human needs; they expect you to work like a machine.

·         No matter how fast or well you work your aren’t working fast or well enough.

·         Although OHS policies are in place, there are not enough staff rostered to ensure that each staff member is able to work at a safe pace, or even to do things properly – not when you have to work at such a fast pace to satisfy the amount of customers that enter the store.

·         The company is making billions of dollars off your hard labour; you are employed as a casual without benefits or job security. If you are a manager, you work so many hours that your full-time wage ends up being less than the casual workers – you also have to sacrifice everything else in your life so you can work this job, you have very little time to get decent sleep, let alone spend time with your family and friends.

·         You work ridiculous shifts – one day you’ll work a 6am-2pm shift, another day in the same week you will work 10pm to 6am. You may even be expected to work 10 or more hours on some occasions, due to staff not showing up for their shifts.

·         You eat the crap food the company sells because not only is it addictive but you also don’t have time to provide yourself with decent food. The food makes you irritable and prevents you from performing at your best.

·         You don’t have time to drink enough water, if you do drink any liquids the soft drink machine is generally what you are most tempted to drink.

·         The company doesn’t care about your studies – they need staff to work and if you want to work for them you will work when they want you too.

·         Co-workers don’t show up for their shifts, or call in sick and there aren’t any replacements, the customer don’t care that you are short staffed, and the company will take the profits for the extra hard work you have to do to cover the missing person. This happens more than just a few times each week.

·         You feel like your life is going no-where, you almost feel as though the company owns you.  It is hard to believe there could possibly be a better job out there for you.

·         It’s hard to find time to look for better work, and if you do leave you will be letting your team down – they are all going through the same thing that you are, and losing you will make life difficult for them – they are after all your friends, you’ve been through hell together on more than a few occasions and have developed a tight bond.

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