Wednesday, 14 September 2011

'Peel you eyes' Review

At first I felt really good about getting into some arty culture, but by the end, after viewing a few too many of the dark/negative/grotesque ‘art’ I felt like I had walked out of a nightmare.

But then by the time I had walked a short distance down the street, I realised I had actually really enjoyed many of the artworks on the ground floor – it was just a few things on the upper levels that weren’t to my taste. I wish I had gone back to view my favourites before walking out the door. I plan to visit the exhibit again before Friday afternoon – after which time it will be gone forever.

My absolute favourite artwork was a paper butterfly installation called ‘She flies with her own wings’ by Taegan Roberts. This piece was dedicated to one of the artists relatives – whom I presume may have passed away. I found ‘She flies with her own wings’ to be not only incredibly beautiful, but very moving as well. It was so good to see a young artist express their grief in such a beautifully symbolic way. Taegan Roberts display has been featured on the (relevant) websites and Geelong Advertiser more than any of the other artworks, it is clear I am not the only person to have appreciated her creation. I hope to see more great things from this talented local artist!

Update: 16/9/2011 - The meaning behind 'She Flies Without Wings' is somewhat different than I first thought. Today I recieved an email from the artist who created 'She Flies With Her Own Wings', who tells me that the piece to dedicated to the artists mother - who is still very much alive - but who lost her own mother young in life and has gone on to raise two children as a single mother.
The artist says 'She inspires me because she always has a positive outlook, a strong head and a warm heart. She is my best friend so i wanted to represent her somehow and I thought 1000 origami butterflies might be a good start!!'
This is just so beautiful, I honestly have tears in my eyes! I am so glad this talented woman shared her story with me, and shared her art with Geelong.

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