Wednesday, 7 September 2011

First post!

My decision to start this blog, came from my very recent obsession with reading blogs. It reminded me that a few months ago, I had attempted to start a blog, and like many things in my life, I soon got bored of it and then completely forgot about its existence. Of course there were reasons for this, I experienced a great many changes in my life, and I have only recently begun to settle down again.
The particular blog I have been reading about lately had a particular project as its main theme, which made the creator more inclined to blog on a frequent basis. It is this blog that has inspired me to start a goal orientated blog of my own.
I am hoping that this blog may actually help me to make other small goals and ideas a greater priority and even an actual reality in my life.
I currently use Facebook on a frequent basis, which has been great for getting feedback from a few of my online friends, but as a writer I am limited to mere one liners or at the most a short paragraph. As you will see, I am quite fond of writing at great length.
One thing you may notice, my writing style can tend to be quite inconsistent - as is my personality. One minute - as I am demonstrating now - my writing will be completely formal, at other times it will be humorous, witty, and probably a whole lot more entertaining than this post seems to be. I guess it all simply depends on the mood I am in, and who happens to be influencing me in the present moment.
In any case, I will get onto fully developing my list of goals, which will form the subject matter for the content of this blog.
My first goal is therefore - make a list of goals!

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