Wednesday, 21 September 2011

My thoughts on what makes a novel series great!

Yes so finally I am back in the Blogosphere!
For the past week I havent had much desire to do anything other than read Harry Potter. I was reading the last book in the series for (only) the second time and so I really got quite addicted. Now that I've finished the last book I've gone back to book four to read through to the last one again. Books 1 to 3 have never been my favourites, and I've also read them more than I've read the rest. I'm finding it quite fun to take off right in the middle of the action, when the story really starts getting interesting.
The good thing about my current obsession with Harry Potter, is I am learning quite a lot about novel writing, and in particular what makes a novel series truly great!
I read somewhere that novels only become popular out of shear luck. Well somehow I just cant agree with that.
Its not that hard to compare the truly amazing best-sellers with the other novels. There are a number of things that make one more popular over the rest. I'm not going to give away my secrets in this blog, and in any case I still havent quite figured it all out myself. But one thing I can tell you, it is definitely worth waiting and developing your story to its fullest potential. Keep developing the characters and the plot and make it something really special. A novel series tends to be the best idea too, with one big plot overall. Anyway, these are a few of the things that I am working on to give my novel the greatest potential it can have. I would rather write only one great novel series in my life than many mediocre ones. That is all!

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