Sunday, 11 September 2011

Dreams can be goals too!

For a long time I didn’t appreciate the time in which I was born. I always dreamed of living in the 16th century, during the years of the renaissance. I had a fairy-tale fantasy point of view, not a realistic understanding of what it would have really been like to have lived back then.
The problem was, I spent so much time ‘wishing’ to live in another time that I failed to live in the present. I have been called a dreamer by more than a few people, and yes I agree. I am completely aware of this fact. But now is the time for me to take this dreamer quality and use it to learn and also to create.
Dreaming can have two positive outcomes – it can be a source of inspiration, through which great artistic works can be created, and it can also be the determination to do great things in the future. An achievable dream is in fact one big achievable goal. In my mind a dream to me is the overall goal I have for my life, the objectives of the dream are the goals which will make that dream become a reality. Each one of those goals achieved with be an accomplishment and no matter how much or how little I do achieve I will be happy and I will be satisfied.
I do not dream in hope of finding happiness, I dream in order to make the most of life I have to live. As they say, aim high, you will only ever achieve as much as you set out to achieve. If you have low hopes for your life, it is unlikely you will ever achieve much more than what you believe you can achieve.

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